Reconstruction of a blast furnace 3 Enakievsky metal works (Ukraine) proceeds

Following works are conducted on reconstruction of the blast furnace 3 (photos 1) during the given period:

Dismantle of the old air-heater (a photo 2), a deduster (a photo 3), a casing of the old furnace, the inclined bridge, a machine hall, a building of BALES and a design of a bunker platform comes to an end.

On building of a new blast furnace installation of refrigerating plates, ring platforms of the furnace are conducted. (A photo 4)

There was begun the installation of the lining on air-heater 1, on air-heater 2 - the casing prechamber gathers, on air-heater 3 - under nozzle device is mounted. (a photo 5)

The fan is mounted during the building of the foundry court aspiration yard, gather corona-forming electrode and precipitating electrodes, the device of the base of an electropremise aspiration is conducted.

The bunker platform aspiration, the case of the electrofilter and a chimney is mounted during the building.

Excavations are finished on a construction of pump thermal power station-PVS, still proceeds the device of the bases of a platform of an air line of cold blasting of thermal power station-PVS.

Reconstruction of a blast furnace 3
Dismantle old air-heater
Dismantle of an old deduster
Installation of ring platforms
Installation new air-heater

Reconstruction of a blast furnace 3 Enakievsky metal works (Ukraine) proceeds
Major repairs of a blast furnace 3 metal works EISKO in Heluane (Egypt).
Blast furnace major repairs 2 metal works in El- Hadzhare (Annaba, Algeria).
Blast furnace reconstruction 3 Enakievsky metal works (Ukraine).
Capital repair of the blast furnace 2 in the Ale - Hadzhare (Algeria)
Blast furnace major repairs 3 metal works in Heluane (Egypt).
Reconstruction of a blast furnace 3 Enakievsky metal works (Ukraine)
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