The State specialized trust on repair of blast and open-hearth furnaces "Uraldomnaremont has been created in 1944 under the order of Sovnarkoma of the USSR, the order of the National Commissariat of ferrous metallurgy on the basis of allied office "Domnaremont". Its structure included Nizhne-Tagilskoe, the Serovsky, Chusovsky and Zlatoustovsky branches of trust renamed in 1945 in specialized construction managements, and same year are created Verx-Isetsky and Chelyabinsk CAM (construction assembly management) 1949 it has been formed Magnitogorsk CAM, and in 1962 1984 it has been created 16 more new managements in the cities of Novotroitsks, Novokuznetsk, Temirtau (Kazakhstan), Satka, Kachkanar, Ore (Kazakhstan), Novosibirsk, Magnitogorsk, Pervouralsk, Nizhni Tagil.
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